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Kevin Balaji

My name is Kevin Balaji, and I'm going to be a fourth year student this year at UCLA. I've had a passion for sports for a long long time, mostly on the football and basketball ends. I'll follow everything besides baseball and hockey however. Some of my teams? Well for the pros, I'm as big a Laker and Charger fan as they come. As for college, I obviously am a big time supporter of my school, but I also grew up a major Michigan football fan. It's a long story (kind of), but their my other team in College Football.

The idea for this blog for me initially was to provide another medium where people could discuss UCLA sports on a local and national level. However, no UCLA blog is complete without the other school in town. And that's where this guy comes in...

Prashant Seshadri

Hows it going? My name is Prashant Seshadri, and I'm going to be a fourth year at UCSB this year. Like Kevin, I can't get enough of sports, and unlike him, I do follow baseball. I however don't have many individual teams I support. I can't really explain it, but I feel that you really develop a liking for teams at a young age. I didn't really get that as much. If I had to pick a school to support, it would probably be USC, I couldn't explain why. Sports fans will understand, sometimes you just get an inkling for a team. For the pros, all I do know is I HATE the Lakers, and like Kevin, I'm the Chargers number one supporter.

With me being the USC guy for this site, the idea is to now provide a medium for LA college sports and provide it with insight with respect to the national scale. What does that mean? Well the focus is on the two schools, UCLA and USC, but there's a lot going on across the country. So our goal is to provide coverage of the two schools while highlighting what's going on across the country.

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